I’m sure you have tons of questions for your florist, but have you thought of every question? Here are a few more that you may have never thought to ask:

–         What flowers will be in season during the date of my wedding?

–         Will you be able to work with my wedding budget?

–          Do you offer packages or is it customized?

–         What flowers do you recommend based on my colors and budget?

–         What are the different wraps you can do for my bridal bouquet?

–         Do you coordinate boutonnieres, bridesmaid flowers and centerpieces?

–         What other décor can you provide? (aisle runners, votives, arch etc.) How will these pieces affect my cost?

–         Will you be able to recreate a bridal bouquet if I provide you with a photograph of a bouquet that I like?

–         Do you have examples of bouquets that you have done in the past?

–         Can you work with my bakery if I choose to add flowers to my wedding cake?

–         Do you do flower preservation? If not, can you recommend someone to me?

–         Is there a delivery fee?

–         Are there fees for set up and take down when moving from ceremony to reception?

–         How far in advance do I need to secure your service?

–         How much is the deposit?

–         Will I get a copy of the contract with items that we have discussed?

–         What is your refund policy if for any reason I need to cancel my order?

–         If I request to have organic, pesticide-free flowers, are you able to get them?


Before meeting with your florist, make sure your color scheme is a definite. Make a list of the different flowers you like, to give them an idea for flower selection. Bring with you pictures as examples of what bouquets you like. After booking your florist remember to provide them with a picture of your wedding dress and color swatches or photos of the bridesmaid gowns as well.


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