Hand written thank you cards for wedding gifts may have dissipated throughout the years. Most would say it is easier to pick up the phone or send a massive email out to all of your wedding guests to thank them. The traditional hand written thank you is much more meaningful than a phone call, email or a printed thank you. Thank you’s are a special note that shows your guests how much you value their relationship. Each card should be a little different from one another. Start to think of a couple different ways to word how much you appreciate their support; you may also want to include a wedding picture.

A great organizing tip: make a list of each wedding guest and write down the gift you have received from them. When it comes time to write out the thank you cards, you have a completed list of all the gifts you received. Use this list to ensure you wrote down the item you received in your thank you. Specifically writing down the item(s) you have received will make your thank you card more valuable to the wedding guest.

Wedding gifts and thank you notes are something special that mean a lot to you and to your family and friends. Sending out thank you notes within one month from when you get back from your honeymoon is ideal!


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