Have you thought about having an open bar? Does it fit in your wedding budget? There are a few beverage options if you have a tight wedding budget. (Remember, these options may depend on the location of your reception!)

Cash Bar – Having a cash bar is an inexpensive option for the bride & groom who are on a small budget. Guests pay for their drinks at a cash bar. Some couples may not ever consider this option but if your budget is tight and having an open bar is not in the budget, this will have to do. Add a phrase to your wedding invitations to let guests know that a cash bar is available. Wedding guests understand the high expenses for a wedding.

Limited Bar- A limited bar option lets you limit what types of alcohol to be served. Most limited bar options are unlimited beer and wine. Guests do not pay for any beer or wine they order. Signature cocktails are trending in the wedding industry, the couple picks one or two signature cocktails that will be served at the bar.

Open Bar – This is the most expensive option for beverages at a wedding which includes hard liquor, beer, wine and soft drinks. Having an open bar means the bride & groom will pick up the tab. Limiting the alcohol to only house brands rather than including top-shelf brands, may still be pricey. If your families like to drink alcohol, this may be your best choice to offer.

Make sure you have asked your reception site about their bar options before securing them as a location. You may have to provide the alcohol if it is not provided by the reception location. A great way to cut down on costs is having an afternoon wedding reception rather than an evening reception. Most people tend to drink less during the day than they do at night.

What bar option are you thinking about?


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