Photographs from your engagement session are perfect for save the dates! When being photographed, the number one thing to remember is to be yourself. The photographer wants to capture you and your fiancé in love. Wear outfits that you and your partner would normally wear and are comfortable in, but look sleek.


It is ideal that you coordinate outfits with each other. If you are wearing bold colors, your partner should be wearing neutral colors that will complement your outfit. It is especially important that you don’t match! If you are going for a fun casual vibe wear colors that will pop, if your look is formal wearing a suit and dress is perfect. Take into consideration your location and the season to coordinate your clothing.

Brides, it is very important to have your make up done professionally if possible. They will know how to brighten your eyes and know what looks best on camera. It is also the perfect occasion for a trial run for your hair and make up before the wedding. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure! Your engagement ring will be the center of attention so make sure your nails are not chipped. Also, get your engagement ring cleaned! You will want your ring to sparkle on camera! Bring two outfits with you, one casual and one dressy outfit.


Grooms, you will also be in these beautiful photographs, so make sure you look presentable. It is necessary to have a belt, shoes that match, colors that look good on you. Think about getting a hair cut about a week before the session. Be mindful about shaving, you do not want to have razor burn or nicks from shaving. Remember to wear your nice pair of jeans and not ones you would work in. A great outfit for all gentlemen is a button down with his good pair of jeans and shoes.


If you have a location in mind, let the photographer know. They will be able to set up a time when there is perfect natural lighting. Location also plays a big part in your photos; consider your personalities, where you first met, what you both enjoy doing together, or the theme of your wedding. Props are also fun to incorporate in your photo sessions.  If you have a pet or a hobby, bring them with you, these will bring out more of your personality in the photographs.


Although, it may be uncomfortable in front of the camera, be yourself. The best photographs are when you are looking comfortable and yourself. The photographer wants to capture the love you have for one another. Laugh with each other, flirt, kiss when the moment is right and the photos will come out extraordinary! If you have further questions please email us at!


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