Have you ever seen wedding photos that are of the bride & groom in the ocean? Or maybe they are in a mudslide? I have even seen photos of the bride with her gown on fire! You might ask yourself why you would want to destroy something that means so much to you or even, something that is so expensive! This is a new popular trend called “Trash the Dress.” Some might speculate why others may want to do this, but this is a new style of wedding photography.




The bride and groom wear their “wedding outfits” and pose for the photographer in an abnormal scene that you would not think to wear those expensive clothes. The photographs will be something you could find out of a magazine. They are extraordinarily spectacular that others will be amazed by them. You will have to consider some precautions before posing. If your dress means a lot to you and you do not want to destroy it by jumping into the ocean or getting it very dirty by sliding in mud, I would suggest you do not try this style of photography. But, there are different ways to “trash the dress” without completely destroying it. For example, taking photographs in a field of flowers, take a few images on the field of a sport both of you enjoy, or if you love to ride to horses, wear your gown while riding.


If you still don’t understand the point to “trash the dress,” it is about taking your wedding photographs out of the norm and being adventurous in your beautiful wedding gown! Remember, it’s your day, do whatever you want in your gorgeous gown!


So, will you be trashing your dress? If so, which direction will you choose for your photographs?


** If you are considering “trashing the dress” please make sure you and your photographer are well aware of the dangers that may happen while wearing your gown in water. Click here to find out more.

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