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You may have been given some advice on day of tips for your wedding day. Here are few of our favorite tips we want to share with you.

As you know from trying on wedding gowns, there are many layers of fabric creating the beautiful gown. These layers of fabric do not provide air flow and tend to make your body extremely hot. You may also be wearing a tight undergarment such as a corset that will be tight on your body. Wearing a tight wedding gown and/or undergarment may make you begin to chafe. Make sure you have packed baby powder or antiperspirant to put on your inner thighs so that you will not chafe. You should do this before you put on your wedding gown since putting on and taking off your gown can be time consuming when on a tight schedule.

You may have also heard of using chalk to get rid of a stain on your wedding gown. If you end up getting lipstick on your wedding gown make sure you have blotted your gown with cold water to help remove the stain. Then, use chalk on your gown to cover it up. The fibers in your gown will absorb the chalk. You won’t even notice the stain!

It is extremely important to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day of your wedding. Begin drinking lots of fluids in the morning. Your wedding gown is heavy and very hot; therefore your body will also be very hot. By not staying hydrated throughout the day you may become dehydrated and could possibly pass out, you don’t want this to happen. Also, remember to use the restroom before your put on your wedding gown.

Remember to eat a decent breakfast. Sometimes brides forget to eat because of the chaos going on the day of the wedding. Having a decent breakfast will give you energy to last throughout the day. You will be running around all day and need to remember to take care of yourself. Drinking plenty of water and eating will keep you hydrated.

We have created a wedding day emergency list here, to help you pack essential items that you may need come the day of!


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