Traditionally a wedding takes place in a church or a venue however, there has become a popular trend: destination weddings. Destination weddings are becoming even more popular this year, one out of ten couples will have a destination wedding. If you want your wedding to be unique, then how about embarking on an adventure to a beautiful island? Whether you have traveled before or not, your wedding will be so much more relaxing and romantic if it were spent at a nice resort! Although, destination weddings has its advantages there may be some disadvantages to be aware of before planning!



Your destination wedding is affordable!!

Many hotel resorts are knowledgeable of certain events occurring such as a wedding; therefore, they are prepared with deals and certain packages to offer you and your fiancé that are affordable! Look around to find the best package, most include everything you will need including flight, accommodation, wedding cake, décor, food and beverages.

Affordable…but not for your wedding guests

Many hotel resorts have an all –inclusive package which covers your wedding including catering, flowers, etc.; however, when it comes to your guests they will have the expense to get to the destination along with other packages you may have set up for them, including tours and dinners out. Your guests may have an expensive trip.

A small wedding makes it more intimate!

As previously mentioned destination weddings may be expensive for your guests. You will come to realize that some guests may not be able to afford to celebrate your wedding with you, which may cut your guest list in half. Making your wedding more intimate!

No need to plan a honeymoon because you are already on it!

Choose the destination wedding that you would love to sightsee and where you would like to spend time with your fiancé. If you do this, then you will be set for your honeymoon. No need to plan another trip, just celebrate it there on the island!


Make sure you plan out your destination wedding according the island. Some islands including, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas require you to “reside” on the island for a specific period of time. You must reside on the island of St. Lucia for at least 72 hours, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas require you to reside on the island for at least 48hours.

Legal documentation of marriage varies from island-to-island. Make sure you are prepared with the correct legal documents that you will need to make your marriage legal!

Start planning your destination wedding! Where are you having your destination wedding?


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