circle tablesThe most common stressful part of the wedding planning is arranging the seating chart. The seating chart is normally arranged once all the RSVP’s are back. This allows you to place guests who are coming onto the seating chart without the hassle of redoing the chart each time a guest replies back as no. Remember to find out from your wedding venue if there will be circular tables or rectangular tables. With circular tables the most common amount of guests seated at one table is eight. Tables with six guests seated can look big and empty, but with ten guests seated at a table it may be too crowded. The wedding coordinator at your wedding venue will be able to help you decide on the layout of the wedding tables. It is standard that tables are at least 60” away from each other, enough room that a waiter can get thru.

Now that you know the logistics, you are able to begin placing guests on your seating chart! To help you with this process, print out our seating chart worksheet here!


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