A new trend starting to emerge amongst budget conserving couples is to have a Thursday or Friday wedding. Having a wedding at the end of the week will cost you a lot less due to the fact that most reception sites won’t have other events booked on those days. Thursday/Friday weddings give you the freedom to construct your dream wedding without having to worry about breaking the bank. While the financial aspects of having a wedding on a Thursday or Friday are alluring, keep in mind that planning a wedding on a weekday might lend itself to having less of an attendance rate.  Most people have work during the week and may be coming from out of town.  These people will not only have to take off of work but also take into account the days of travel needed to get to your wedding site.   If you do opt for a Thursday or Friday wedding, be sure and mail your invitations earlier than normal, this way your guests will have ample time to plan their schedules accordingly to attend your wedding.


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