Refer to this guideline to help you stay on schedule with your honeymoon plans!

Download & print our checklist here!

6 months before

  • Discuss where you want to go for your honeymoon. Discuss the type of honeymoon.  Do you want to go to beach? Hiking in the mountains?  A historic place? A cruise? Remember, you will be tired from the wedding so make sure you do not plan a very chaotic schedule!
  • Find out how much time off both of you have from work. If you are traveling internationally, you may want to take more than just one week to explore. Think about time differences. Make sure you have enough time to be able to comfortably adjust back to your time zone.
  • Take a look at all of the beautiful and wonderful places there are. Do research and find an amazing resort that both suits your honeymoon dreams.
  • Make a realistic budget. Remember to include plane tickets and fees, hotel reservations, rental car, meals and souvenirs. Don’t forget to factor in the different currency rates.
  • You may want to seek a travel agent who will be able to find the best prices and will help you stay within your budget!

5 months before

  •  Agree on your honeymoon destination. Make sure both of you are happy on your decision. Remember, you can always take another trip later!
  • Before booking, research and compare different hotel resorts, airlines, and car rental companies.
  • Keep in mind your honeymoon budget. Try not go over it!

3 months before

  • Make your reservations. Be sure to keep record of all confirmation numbers.
  • Ensure your travel documents such as passports and visas are all up-to-date.
  • Make copies of all your travel documents and give them to a relative or close friend.
  • Think about travel insurance. Research different travel insurance policies if you think you may want to acquire coverage.

2 months before

  • Dig out your luggage and make sure you have the proper travel essentials. Set aside the bag you would like to use for your carry-on.
  • Don’t forget to fully complete each luggage tag with your information. Even include a tag on your carry-on!

1 month before

  • Use our honeymoon packing list to help you decide which clothes best fit your destination. Don’t forget accessories and toiletries!
  • Make sure you have your memory card for your camera free of space or purchase a new memory card. You will be taking tons of pictures!

1 week before

  • Confirm ALL reservations.
  • Copy all necessary information for family & friends in case of emergency. Make sure you include phone numbers, addresses, confirmation numbers, fax numbers and numbers where you will be able to be reached!
  • Pack your carry-on bag with medications, passport, tickets, change of clothes and other essentials.

Day of departure

  • Arrive early at the airport for security checks. We recommend at least one hour ahead for domestic flights or two hours for international flights.
  • Once arrival at destination airport, set all clocks to that time, this will help you get adjusted sooner.
  • Appreciate each others company and relax!


Enjoy your long planned vacation as husband and wife!



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