Roses are red, violets are blue, and flower arrangements in your 2014 wedding are waiting for you to choose…is tangerine mango the color for you?










Brides tend to choose their flower arrangements by complementing the colors used throughout their weddings. For example, the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses, the wedding cake, the décor, the theme, and the seasons. However, I think that this small, but pertinent list is beneficial to consider when choosing the color of the flowers, but how about placing the year at the top of your list? When planning a wedding, one of the main concerns for the bride is matching the colors with the particular season. Sure, this is a great component to think about, but I believe that the brides should focus on the year in which their wedding takes place. Why? Well, certain colors serve as a trend and have some symbolic meaning to them for every year.

 Tangerine mango represents brightness and vibrancy. Even though I am suggesting paying attention to the year, seasons also play an important role. If you are planning a winter wonderland wedding, I would suggest using colors such as blue, gold, red, or green. Not in combination with one another; however, these colors would be great for a Christmas/Winter Wonderland wedding. The flower arrangements, especially the flower centerpieces are meant to mesh well with the colors, style, and theme of your wedding. Remember to keep that in mind when arranging a bouquet of flowers and choosing various color combinations. The colors that I have previously mentioned are good for winter weddings; however, the colors can be used in any season or any year. The colors are here for you to spark an idea, but feel free to look at different shades of blue, gold, red, and green. The tones and shades should correlate with your style, theme, and colors throughout your wedding. Flower Arrangements for 2014. Remember, if you are preparing to get married this year, tangerine mango is a great choice!  If it does not mesh well with the colors you have chosen, keep looking because there are more colors in the crayon box waiting to be used. The year 2014 is here, flowers will bloom, and you need to start coloring these flowers soon!


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