ring at beachThe first thing every woman wants to do when they first get engaged is to show off her engagement ring! Before taking the snapshot of your gorgeous diamond, think about what your surroundings will be. Your beautiful engagement ring will be the centerpiece of your snapshot, everything else should blend into the background. Friends and family are just as excited to see your fabulous ring, make sure to take into consideration these following tips to create a gorgeous photo.

Remember that lighting is the key to any great photograph. Your ring will dazzle in the shining light. Natural light is the best lighting for any photo. Find a window or go outside and take a few snapshots until you have found that perfect photograph.

Try taking a photograph of your ring with an enchanting background. Have gorgeous flowers or the beach in the background. Just remember it should not be a busy, the ring is the point of interest in the photograph.

Find the perfect angle to show off the setting. Take a few different snapshots to find which angle looks best.

Instead of posting a picture where you are holding your hand out, pose with something in your hand. Think about the object and color to make your ring pop in the picture.

Don’t forget, your nails may be in the photo, think about getting a manicure before snapping the picture.  Even though you have a hundred photographs, you should post only one on social media. You don’t want to go into overload with photos of your ring!


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